Dura-Max 5400

Dura-Max 5400

Dura-max 5400

Differentiation: Synchronized overlapping panels provide the
widest clear door opening per rough opening in the industry; fitting
into a 72” wide opening while providing 32” clear door opening.
Bipart design provides faster opening than a traditional single slide.

Clear Door Opening: 46.5” – 70.5”

Applications: Retrofit or new construction retail and commercial
environments with limited or narrow rough opening

More information: stanleyaccess.com/duramax

As a service customer, you will receive the expertise of the industry’s largest and most experienced automatic door service provider in North America. You can be assured your equipment is kept in top operating condition, planned maintenance is completed as required, parts replacement meet manufacturer’s specifications, and all activity is appropriately documented thereby minimizing your liability exposure.

All our products come with 1year warranty on the mechanism from the manufacturer.


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